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What Are You Using for Painting Up High?

If you must work at a height or you have workers who must access high places when they work, they need to use the proper safeguards in the form of equipment and tools. One way they can do this is buy using the following types of aids:

  • Scaffold towers
  • Builders trestles
  • Ladders and steps
  • Podium steps

Podium Steps with a Telescopic Design

The types of aids that you choose will depend on the task and the type of access. For example, you can use one of various access towers for any job. If you want to get to any height without too much effort, you may want to opt for podium steps that feature a telescopic design. These kinds of platforms close the gap between the use of scaffolds and ladders. Not only are they comfortable for worker use, they provide a large platform and compact storage for worker tools.

A Knee Bar and Guard Rail

When you use this type of access tower, you are playing it safe, as this type of product often features a knee bar and guard rail for extra safety. The telescopic designs makes the podium easy to operate. You simply adjust the height, based upon a push-up ladder technique. Choose equipment that provides cross pieces on either side for additional strength. Swing-out stabilisers also add to the popularity of this type of product.

Compact Measurements

When you erect a telescopic podium, you only need to erect the tower and the guardrails and handrails instantly unfold. The product, just like many of its counterparts, features compact measurements. Therefore, you can easily transport the item and store it. Enjoy a high level of strength between the stiles and rungs, and move the items with the included wheels. The podium also comes with plastic end cups to prevent problems with slippage.

Other Height Aids for Workers

The above example is only a sampling of what you can expect when you make this type of product choice. You can also obtain access up high when you choose from one of various ladder styles. Ladders are featured for roofers, surveyors, and for multi-purpose use. You can also buy warehouse steps for your production facility and staging boards for ease of access and convenience.

According to statistics, falls from heights are the major reasons for injury at worksites. That is why you need to make sure that you are well-equipped. By using the proper equipment – equipment that offers stability and a premium design, you can get any task accomplished at a height safely and on time.

Once you find what you are seeking, take a look at the dimensions and special features. Make sure that the product you select can be easily erected and transported and stored. It should also feature stabilisers and guardrails for additional protection. Do not take any chances in this regard. The better the features, the safer you workforce will be.

If you want to reduce the risk of liability in the workplace, it is essential that you choose the right height-and-access tools. By working with a provider of access solutions, you have a wider range of options from which to select. Go online today, and survey the offerings.

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