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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

While your windows play a crucial role in how your home looks and feels, all too often do homeowners neglect to repair or replace them until the last possible minute, adding unnecessary stress and cost to the situation. Your home will tell you when it’s time for a replacement, as long as you’re willing to listen. Here are a few signs that you should be sure to look out for that will tell you it’s time for a window replacement now.


If you find yourself constantly noticing condensation building up between your two panes of glass, then this is definitely one of the first signs that you’ll need to start thinking about replacements. When you see this type of condensation, it means that there’s been a breach in your window seals, which allows air and water vapor to enter the space between your two panes, causing the condensation that you’re noticing. Not only is this visually unappealing, but it can lead to the eventual breakdown of the window pane and even the frame after enough time.


If you’re constantly feeling drafts entering your home around your windows, then it’s time to consider replacements. This can be an issue with every age and style window, since eventually everything will decay. While there are many ways to temporarily fix the problem, the drafts will always return. Addressing the issue straight away with replacements from the best Perth glaziers is really the best option to keep your home in the best possible condition.

Higher Energy Bills

If you start to notice that your energy bills are slowly, but surely getting higher and higher, your windows may very well be to blame. Your windows are a huge part of the overall efficiency of your home. Leaks can easily let your climatised air escape, leading your heating and cooling systems to work overtime, eventually resulting in higher and higher energy bills for you. Making sure that you get this taken care of quickly will help save you tons in the long run.

Chipping and Cracks

The moment that you start to see chips or cracks in your window panes or frames, it’s time to call a replacement team. These small damages can quickly worsen and turn into tremendous issues if not taken care of promptly. Don’t put your home and family’s safety at risk. Take the necessary steps to address these issues the moment they arise.

Windows play a critical role in not only our home’s curb appeal, but also its overall feel and safety. When it comes to such an important aspect, making sure it’s in the best condition possible is key. By working with expert window specialists, you can help guarantee your windows remain at the highest standard now and for years to come.

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