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Re-Roofing an Asbestos Roof – Simple Things to Keep in Mind

Asbestos was one of the most popular construction materials in use back in the 20th century. Asbestos was widely considered to be an effective construction tool because it was sturdy and reliable, and it was readily available. Many construction companies began using the material extensively in different projects, and it wasn’t until the end of the century that conclusive studies were published, highlighting the harmful effects of asbestos. Eventually, the material was banned from being used, but there were still thousands of buildings standing all across the country that included asbestos or were made entirely using asbestos.

Asbestos was still commonly used as a roofing material. Because of the properties mentioned above, asbestos roofs were a popular choice. However, when studies were published showing just how harmful asbestos was, many people began thinking of alternatives. If you have an asbestos roof on your house, you might want to think about getting an asbestos re roof in Perth. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to reroofing.

Ask for Quotes

The first thing that you need to do is to ask for quotes from different companies. There are plenty of companies that offer re-roofing services at affordable rates, but it’s just a matter of finding them. You can make a shortlist online by searching for different companies that offer roofing services, and then ask for quotes. The company will need to first visit your place to take measurements and then figure out the amount of material to be used. By asking for quotes from different companies, you will be able to select the most affordable option available.

Choose a Suitable Material

There are numerous materials that can be used for roofing, including concrete or asphalt. However, metallic roofs are becoming more and more popular. Metallic roofs tend to last more than five decades if they are properly maintained, and they don’t even require much of an effort in maintenance. While the metallic roof might be a bit more expensive as compared to other options, it’s going to last you quite a long while and is definitely worth the money. Before you order a new roof and sign up with any company, it’s recommended that you do your research to find a suitable material for your roof.


It’s incredibly important that you remain available so that you can supervise the work being done. The company will first need to demolish the existing roof from your house, and the new roof will be installed afterwards. You need to be present so that you can supervise the work being done and check whether the company is on schedule or not. You can set payment milestones to track the progress of the work being done. The costs of reroofing generally vary depending upon the surface area of the roof. You should always negotiate with the company to get the price lowered as much as possible before making a decision.

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