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Quick Overview Of Digital Showers: Features, Brands And More!

Replacing the old shower fittings of your home? Instead of settling for the same old shower designs, how about getting a digital shower? For the uninitiated, a digital shower, also known as a variant of electric shower, packs the best of available technology to offer a bunch of features that you wouldn’t expect from a regular shower setup. Brands like Mira, Aqualisa, and Triton have changed the way people think of showers. All digital showers have a digital thermostat, which allows the user to have complete control on the settings.

What features do digital showers have?

Generally speaking, digital showers can have a wide range of settings and features, but usually, water temperature control is one of them. Thanks to the digital thermostat, you can get desired temperature as required. Many may argue that mixed showers offer similar settings, but with the digital variants, you are extremely sure of getting the accurate temperature. Also, most of the advanced ones have wireless setup, remote control, LCD display screens and more.

Even the basic models of digital showers have pre-programing options, so you can get the right settings right when you step in. The touchscreen display is designed to have a look at the statistics if required. Remotes can be a part of the unit or can be purchased additionally. Some of the advanced models have control-panels that can be set and controlled using handheld devices, as well.

Getting one installed, price and more

If you are looking for showers at the best prices, online stores are your best bet. You can find most of the latest designs from the brand, and there are no compromises on warranty either. Note that you need to have a water heater in place at home to use the features and settings of the digital shower. As for the cost, it depends, but usually, the basic range starts from £200, and some may even cost more than £1,000. Features and the brand also make a big difference.

Things to note

Installing a digital shower system may require you to alter the bathroom tiles, so check the control unit. Also, the warranty on the product is something you wouldn’t want to miss in the first place, and make sure that you select a brand that’s worth the value, because repairing cheap Chinese brands and products can be a bummer. Check online to find the best range of digital showers.

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