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Few Things That Most of You May Not Know About Assisted Living

Are you aware about the services provided by few assisted living facilities? They may be little different from any senior care facilities that can be found in many places. Many of you may not be very well familiar with their facilities and live under certain assumption that they are same as old age home.

There is a senior assisted living care near me where we spoke to people living there and we got following information.

  1. They provide different levels of care

There are no fixed norms available to provide living facilities to various elderly people who may have diverse way of living. Therefore, people living there can get different kinds of care that is needed by them according to their need. They provide nursing and healthcare facilities too. Some of the elderly people may be bed ridden and for them special arrangements are also available.

  1. You can also keep your pets

Elderly people can keep their pets. However, there are different pet policies and restrictions imposed which need to be followed by the residents. The policy also varies from place to place. Everywhere it is not governed by the same policy.

  1. Some of them cost much lower

As compared to any nursing home care such assisted living is much cheaper. You can also compare the cost of different assisted living and you will find differences too. Some people prefer long term care insurance in order to finance their long-term requirements.

  1. Assisted living is different from nursing home

If any of the family needs suitable facility to take care of their ailing elderly loved ones then you can prefer assisted living instead of nursing home. They provide 24X7 facilities to take care of their basic needs. They also provide single bedroom facility to each inmate however there may not be any regular medical attention.

  1. Prefer culture based assisted living

You can choose assisted living facility based on your own religion or culture so that you do not feel alienated from others. Some places also offer multi-cultural facilities too.

  1. Specialized Dementia care

Many of these facilities offer care facilities for those elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia related problem. People who are in primary stage may enter here and live with normal people and when their condition worsens they can be transferred to special area.

  1. Allow couples to stay together

Most of these facilities accommodate couples and provide them double occupancy rooms. The cost of such facilities may be higher.

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