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Avoid Damage with Early Leak Detection

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. It protects you from the elements and stands up to inclement weather in the area. All too often, however, people fail to repair worn areas before problems occur. They may not realise there is a compromised area until the roof starts to leak. A good roof can last many years; however, damage can occur even before it completely wears out. Once a leak is apparent, interior damage to the home is unavoidable. Costs for repair rise significantly due to water in the house. There are a few key things to look out for when caring for your roof.


Storms bring several things with them that can easily damage a roof. The water itself puts pressure on the roof, and can displace already loose tiles. Rapid or heavy rainfall also puts pressure on a roof. High winds are the main cause of damage during extreme storms such as hurricanes. They can actually rip parts of your roof off.

Lightning, hail, and snow are also contributors to roof damage. A lightning strike can be detrimental to the integrity of even the strongest roofs, sometimes setting a home on fire. Hail causes dents and other surface damage as well. Snow that holds on for days or weeks can place a large amount of weight and constant moisture on your roof. It is important to have your roof inspected after particularly rough weather conditions. City2Surf Roofing can help you accomplish this goal.

Plant Life

Plants often grow near homes. Many people plant them there on purpose to add ambiance and privacy. Trees can often grow taller than the house over the years. This can expose your roof to more wear and tear. Branches may sway in the wind and hit the roof repeatedly in the same spot, wearing it thin or loosening shingles.

Some trees drop fruit or nuts that accumulate on the roof as well. Sticky sap from pine trees can easily make a mess of your roof. The same inclement weather that causes roof damage can also damage your trees. Large branches or even the entire tree can fall over on your house. Keep tree branches trimmed so they do not pose a threat to your roof. Remove material that has fallen to keep the roof healthy.


Wildlife is everywhere, even in cities. Squirrels and birds are often found on roofs. The recurring trampling of your roof by little feet can eventually wear it down. Keep your trees trimmed so that critters do not have a pathway to the roof. Check regularly for bird’s nests as well. They often build them in rain gutters. This cuts off your drainage supply, causing heavy water to accumulate on your roof.

The integrity of your roof depends on how you maintain it. When damage is caught early, you can easily repair it before you get a leak. Pay attention to your plants, call for an inspection after storms, and deter animals to keep your roof in the best shape possible.

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