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All That You Need To Know About Ducted Heat Pump System

Many of you may have come across heat pump which is used for air conditioning of your room. There are ducted heat pump systems too available as it incorporates ducting system to supply both hot or cool air in different rooms. You can locate your heat pump on your roof space or under the house and direct the route of duct system to supply hot or cool air in various rooms.

In this type of system, the central heat pump what is called by locals as thermopompe centrale usually extracts heat energy from the outside air and then it is fed to heat exchanger and thereafter the air is routed inside the room. Heat pump is considered to be the most energy efficient form of electrical heating.

This central heat pump will be installed generally on the roof or under the floor and hot or cold air is pumped through the vents that are installed in each room. These vents can be customised as per the décor of the room.

Temperatures can be controlled by using any thermostat so that all the area temperature can be maintained at the same level. You can also control the temperature of each room individually too by using any suitable timer in each room.

What are its benefits?

Most of you must have seen typical heat pump system that are either mounted on the wall near ceiling or floor. Usually such pumps are too bulky in size and consume lots of space in your room and therefore aesthetically they offer very poor look. Also, you need to have separate heat pump system for each room and with single system you cannot control the temperature of every room.

That is where ducting system becomes more appropriate choice. Other choices like having multiple room heater can be energy inefficient if you want to maintain the temperature of entire house.

This is the reason ducted heat pump system proves to be a smart option. Here by installing any single heat pump system you can route the cool or hot air to your entire room with the help of suitable ducting system. This will also not in any way disturb the aesthetics of any room.

Also, such ducting system can be easily customized as per the need of the family where the whole thing will be installed. Proper layout of the dusting system can be designed according to the design of the house. It can also be much more energy efficient to use single heat pump instead of multiple heat pump for each room.

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