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The Unbelievable Truth about Hiring an Arborist

If you’re thinking about adding some trees to your property, you might want to consider hiring an arborist to help you out. Arborists are trained to plant, and take care of, individual trees. But, before you close your screen out and call the first arborist you find, make sure to read this whole article to ensure that you know exactly what you need an arborist for.

Watch Out for Fungi

If you notice that your favourite tree is beginning to grow mushrooms, or other types of fungi, you might want to call in an arborist as soon as possible. Fungi growing on a tree could be an indication that the tree has a disease. Contact an arborist as soon as possible to find out if the fungi on your tree is dangerous.

They’ll Tell You to Water Your Trees

For some reason, people don’t think that they need to water their trees. Whether it’s because they’re so big and resilient, or because they have a large root system that reaches down to the water table, people seem to think that trees do everything on their own. While this is mostly true, trees are like any other plant, and if the area that you live in is going through a dry spell you need to water your trees at least once a week.

Stay Away From Spikes

If the arborist that you hire takes a pair of spiked boots out of their truck, kindly ask them to leave. Every time they step into the tree with their spikes, they’re giving the tree a wound. Every wound on a tree eventually turns into decay, which slowly kills the tree. Check out http://www.arborcomm.com.au/ to get into contact with arborists that care about their customers and their trees.

Arborists Will Tell You Not to Overuse Mulch

Mulch definitely looks nice, and it can be quite useful, but too much of it can actually cause damage to your trees. When you pile too much mulch around the base of a tree, there isn’t enough room for the moisture to leave, causing the roots and the trunk to rot much faster. Most arborists will tell you to make sure that there’s a definitive circle all the way around the base of the tree that doesn’t have mulch.

Hiring an arborist could be one of the greatest decisions you’ve ever made. Not only will they make sure that your trees are healthy and well taken care of, but they’ll also take care of trees that are hazardous, and remove trees that are dying or already dead. If you have trees in your yard that need some extra help, make sure to call a qualified arborist as soon as possible.

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